• Teams will be divided into the following divisions:
    1. 21+ “A” Division: Teams comprised of junior, college, and professional players (3 years removed from pro hockey).
    2. 21+ “B” Division: Teams are comprised of skilled players with travel, triple A and college club playing experience.
    3. 21+ “C” Division: Teams comprised of intermediate players with travel & high school playing or coaching experience.
    4. 21+ & 35+ “D” Division: Teams are comprised of recreational players with house, travel playing and coaching experience.
  • Tournament officials reserve the right to determine eligibility for purposes of competing in this event. A player or “ringer” – other than Tier I ‘A’ – may be disqualified from the tournament if they participate in a division clearly below their skill level.
  • All players must provide proper identification at registration. Any team who uses an ineligible player will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player participates.
  • All players must be 21 years of age or older on or before the start date of the tournament division in which the team is registered.
  • All players in the 35+ “D” Division must be 35 years of age or older to participate in the tournament. For the 35+ “D” Division only, a rostered goalie may be five-years (5) younger (age 30).
  • Teams are limited to 20 players. Players are not permitted to be rostered on more than one team, regardless of division. Exceptions may be made by the tournament director(s) for goaltenders in extenuating circumstances.
  • No roster changes are permitted after the submission deadline. Exceptions may be made by the tournament director(s) in extenuating circumstances.
  • Each player must play at a minimum two (2) of the three (3) round-robin games. Players who do not meet the minimum game requirement are not eligible for semi-final and championship games.
  • Game Officials (referees) working games in the tournament are not permitted to play for any team in the divisions that they officiate.
  • Team jerseys must be of like color and design. Numbers are required on the back of all jerseys, except the goaltenders’ jersey. No duplicate numbers are allowed. Teams should have one set of dark colored jerseys and one set of white jerseys.
  • All players are required to follow USA Hockey equipment regulations. USA Hockey approved helmets are required for all players. Face protection is strongly recommended.