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Suburban Sports Group Rinks

8 & Under Hockey

Ryan Running

Phone: 248-601-6699

2023-24 Season 8 & Under Hockey

 ♦ Age & Skill Progression  
 Competitive & Challenging Environment   
♦ Under the direction of Professional Suburban Staff

September 9 through March 23 - 23 Weeks!
(no skates Oct. 20,21,22  Nov. 10,11,12  Dec. 22,23,24 ,29,30,31,
Jan. 12,13,14 and Feb. 16,17,18)

New to the sport? Here's our 
Hockey Equipment Checklist!

LEVEL 1 - (Ages 4-8)

  • Recommended as a first step for beginning hockey players who completed a Learn to Skate class and have a solid base of fundamental skating skills.
  • One 50-minute skate each week on Saturdays at 10:00am.
  • Emphasis on creating a fun, challenging environment for players to learn the beginning principles of skating in equipment, stickhandling and puck skills.
  • Skill stations and skillbuilding games as part of each session.

MINI MITES (Ages 5 - 8):

(Players born in 2017 & 2018) 

  • Program serves as an introduction to "team" play with practice sessions and small-ice games. 
  • We strongly believe that keeping the players active and moving on the ice, having fun, and building confidence is essential.  
  • Games will be cross-ice which are played width-wise in the end zones of the rink in a fun, age-appropriate and competitive environments that maximizes ice time, increase puck possession time, stimulates creativity and enhances the fundamental skill development of each player.
  • Two 50-minute skates each week on Tuesdays between 5:45-7:45pm and Saturdays between 11:00am-1pm.  Teams rotate between times.
  • Saturdays are "Game Day"!

MITE LEAGUE (Ages 6-8)

(Players born in 2015, 2016 & 2017) 

  • Teams will be selected by Suburban Staff
  • Advanced players will play against other Advanced players and same for Intermediate players  
  • Game Day Format: half-ice (red line to goal line) using the board dividers, 4 v 4 using two - 22 minute periods, small nets and goaltenders, referees and scorekeepers  
  • Two to three 50-minute skates each week. Fridays between 5:30-7:45pm, Sundays before 2pm and every other Saturday in the afternoon usually.  
  • Sundays are "Game Day"!

Payment Schedule & Refund Policy

We now use an online registration process only. You may choose to pay the full amount at the time of registration or you may choose the online auto-payment plan. If paying in full and using your ACH, you will not incur a processing fee of 3.25%. 
If not paying in full, a Registration Fee will be due at the time of registration. If paying by installments, your credit card or ACH will be automatically charged the amount listed in the payment schedule on that exact date. All credit card payments will be charged a 3.25% processing fee.  If using ACH for a payment plan, only the initial fee during registration will incur the 3.25% processing fee.  Future payments set up with ACH will not be charged the processing fee.

If your player is injured or unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances, you remain responsible for all of your player’s program fees. 

Registration with USA Hockey is mandatory and your membership number will be required during registration.  Register NOW at USA Hockey. Your registration is good through August 31, 2024.

Birth certificates may be required.  You will be notified if you need to provide a copy prior to training camp.  

8 & Under Program 2023-24 Pricing & Payment Schedule

Division Registration Fee PMT #1 - Due 9/15 PMT #2 - Due 10/15 PMT #3 - Due 11/15 PMT #4 - Due 12/15 Total Cost
Level 1 Snake Bites $175 $100 $100 $100 $475
Level 2 Mini Mite $200 $285 $285 $285 $285 $1340
Level 3 Mite $200 $325 $325 $325 $325 $1500