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Suburban Sports Group Rinks

Summer Field Days

The Suburban Skating School will model our Summer Field Day Series off of the official "Dryland" and "Off-Ice" training recommendations of both USA Hockey and US Figure Skating. 

According to US Figure Skating's The Benefits of Off-Ice Training, "Effective off-ice training includes six focus areas: agility, balance, coordination, strength, power and flexibility. These focus areas help produce a conditioning response in the body that increases endurance and power. As athletes become better conditioned, the same exercise intensity will seem easier as the body uses energy stores. Skaters will become more well-rounded and physically literate athletes with proper training."

USA Hockey, in coordination with the ADM, state in their Introduction to Dryland Training, "The ABCs of athleticism include agility, balance, coordination and speed, while fundamental movement skills include running, jumping, skating and throwing. Children must have a solid foundation in these fundamental movement skills before they are able to succeed in acquiring sports skills. Studies have shown that children who have a strong, broad-based foundation in the fundamental movements and sports skills from a variety of sports increase their potential for future success in sports."